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Japanese films at the Leeds International Film Festival

Wednesday7toSaturday17November 2007

The Leeds International Film Festivalisanannualeventshowcasingnumerousfilmsfromaroundtheworldoveratwoweekperiod. This year's festival takes place from 7to18November 2007andfeaturesanumberofJapanesefilm screenings,bothanimeandlive-action,atvariouscinemasinLeeds.

Thisyear,the anime filmsVexille and Tekkonkinkreet(Tekkonkinkreeto)willbeshown.

The tablebelowlistsalltheJapanesefilmsthatwillbeshown,indate/timeorder. AnalphabeticallistoftheJapanesefilm screeningsisavailableontheFestivalwebsite. OtherrelatedeventsarescreeningsofthemusicdocumentaryRock'nTokyoandaworkshoponcomicbooks(includingmanga).

The tickets prices for most of the screenings are:


See the festival website for details of ticket prices and where to purchase them.

All details may be subject to change. Please check the Festivalwebsite for the latest details.


9November 2007
10November 2007
11November 2007
16November 2007
17November 2007
Date Time Venue Film More information
7November 2007
6:30pm-8:10pm TheCarriageworks ExtremePrivateEros:LoveSong1974>?(GokushitekiErosu:Renka1974) IMDBentry
8November 2007
6:30pm-7:55pm TheCarriageworks GoodbyeCP>?(SayonaraCP) IMDBentry
1:00pm-2:50pm Vue at the Light Vexille IMDBentry
3:30pm-5:25pm Vue at the Light Tekkonkinkreet>?(Tekkonkinkreeto) IMDBentry
6:00pm-8:40pm Hyde Park Picture House ADedicatedLife>?(ZenshinShosetsuka) IMDBentry
6:00pm-7:50pm Vue at the Light Vexille IMDBentry
8:30pm-10:25pm Vue at the Light Tekkonkinkreet>?(Tekkonkinkreeto) IMDBentry
12:30pm-2:25pm Vue at the Light DaiNipponjin IMDBentry
2:00pm-3:55pm Hyde Park Picture House TheManyFacesofChika>?(MatanohinoChika) IMDBentry
3:45pm-5:45pm TheCarriageworks Campaign>?(Senkyo) IMDBentry
6:00pm-7:55pm Vue at the Light Tekkonkinkreet>?(Tekkonkinkreeto) IMDBentry
6:00pm-8:05pm TheCarriageworks TheEmperor'sNakedArmyMarchesOn>?(YukiYukiteShingun) IMDBentry
8:30pm-10:20pm Vue at the Light Vexille IMDBentry
9:00pm-11:10pm Hyde Park Picture House DeathNote>?(DesuNouto) IMDBentry
1:00pm-3:25pm Hyde Park Picture House DeathNote:TheLastName>?(DesuNouto:TheLastName) IMDBentry
4:00pm-6:10pm Hyde Park Picture House StrawberryShortcakes IMDBentry
6:45pm-8:30pm Hyde Park Picture House Freesia:BulletsOverTears>?(Furiijia) IMDBentry
14November 2007
2:30pm-4:30pm TheElectricPress Campaign>?(Senkyo) IMDBentry
6:00pm-7:50pm Hyde Park Picture House UnholyWomen>?(KowaiOnna) IMDBentry
8:30pm-10:20pm Hyde Park Picture House Exte-HairExtensions>?(Ekusute) IMDBentry
2:00pm-3:20pm Hyde Park Picture House TheRugCop>?(ZuraDeka) IMDBentry
4:00pm-5:40pm Hyde Park Picture House Wool100% IMDBentry
6:15pm-8:10pm Hyde Park Picture House DaiNipponjin IMDBentry
7:30pm-9:20pm CityVarieties Exte-HairExtensions>?(Ekusute) IMDBentry

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